How To Make eCommerce Website

How to Produce a Cash Magnet E-commerce Web Website

If you've been online for more than a day you've most likely heard some "master" somewhere advise that you produce a Money Magnet Web Site - a site that is highly automated and helps you make cash 24 hours a day. While that may * sound * great, what they typically forget to tell you is HOW to do that.

Well, I'm going to tell you right now, in this post!

First, what IS a Money Magnet Web Site? A Money Magnet Web Site can be defined as one that is equipped with an incorporated suite of both e-commerce and online marketing tools in a style that will permit you to be the most profitable with the least amount of effort.

The majority of e-commerce systems are equipped with the following essentials: a shopping cart, acceptance and processing of credit cards, a maintenance system that allows you to add/change products, an order-retrieval system that enables you to fulfill orders.

Nevertheless, what many of them are doing not have are marketing tools. There are a number of marketing methods that are necessary in the production of a successful e-commerce website: e-mail marketing (broadcasting) of prospects/customers, reliable usage of autoresponders (create automated e-mail messages), online newsletter, online form/survey to record your prospect's email address electronic item delivery (if you sold a digital item), advertisement (ad) tracking, back end sales, affiliate program.

Now, if you had a system that would support the combination of ALL of these marketing tools in addition to the needed e-commerce essentials, then you would have a Money Magnet Web Site. It has actually been shown that it typically takes 7 or more ad exposures prior to prospective consumers really make a purchase. Think about the following scenario:

A prospect clicks on an advertisement in an online publication. You begin to send them a month-to-month e-mail newsletter. Additionally, an autoresponder kicks in to thank them for joining the newsletter as well as scheduling them to get email twice a month for the next 90 days reiterating your item benefits and welcoming them to purchase.

Upon sending them among your "juicy" provides that they could not decline, they finally purchase. They will instantly be gotten rid of from your prospect list and added to your consumer list.

Based upon the specific item or service they've acquired, they will receive a series of emails every 2 weeks for the next 6 months offering complementary items. This will be the engine that will drive your back end sales and keep your consumers returning to your website.

Being able to play out a scenario such as this utilizing one integrated system would be pretty remarkable do not you believe? The internet huge boys do this with pricey e-commerce platform suites produced by suppliers such as IBM, Microsoft and Oracle. Having your system instantly perform these follow up tasks releases you up to invest more time on your service, your health or your household!

===== > What can you do to acquire a cash magnet website?

There are ways that you can automate your website in much the very same way that the big boys do. The finest and most cost-efficient way would be to sign up with one of the handful of Application Service Providers offered on the web, which provide a shopping cart incorporated with a complete suite of marketing tools. Typically, the shopping cart and tools are very versatile and can be incorporated into any site.

===== > Are there any other methods to automate your company besides working with an overall option supplier?

I believe that the most essential property of your e-commerce business is your e-mail lists. Concentrate on the execution of an excellent autoresponder/list server system to "improve" your present e-commerce website.

Search for companies that enable you to: produce multiple lists, include potential customers by means of a web kind, e-mail, or by hand through a management console, send out an unrestricted variety of autoresponder messages, send out an unlimited variety of email broadcasts, set up and disperse a newsletter.

When establishing your autoresponder system, create one list for your "prospects" and another one for your "consumers". Now, here's where you are available in: when a person orders your item, you will need to perform the additional task of logging into your autoresponder system and manually remove them from the possibility list and add them to the customer list. This action will then trigger your client autoresponder series of messages to be sent out.

Remember, the secret to building an effective e-commerce web site is to automate your marketing engine as much as possible and drive your clients and prospects back to your web site. This will certainly create a cash magnet e-commerce web website for you!


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