Special Shoes For Unique Feet

Really Special Shoes For Very Special Feet

A very unique man who spent a lifetime making extremely special shoes for some extremely special feet just recently passed away. For individuals with disfigured feet, shopping for shoes that would allow them to walk was a near impossibility. Robert Mokros lost his foot at the age of 13 and discovered out exactly how difficult it was for any of how brand-new schoolmates to buy shoes might be.

Robert created his really special shoes for people with disfigurements all around the world, and unlike shoe shopping for many of us, he did not even require the foot the shoe was indicated for.

Merely taking a look at a person's feet he had the ability to sculpt the precise likeness from wood in order to fit the shoe to the foot. He utilized a couple of assistive devices such as dye footprints or plaster castings and in some cases simply paper tracings or basic sketches. His distinct skill permitted countless clients to buy their first pair of shoes. Some his consumers were able to stroll for the very first time in their lives due to the fact that of his special capability to produce the needed shoes.

Robert was a leader in the shoe market and his strategies and ideas transformed the medical market's outlook on individuals's need for prosthetic shoes. While he stayed in organization almost up until the day he passed away, his idea were offered to big shoe companies who were able to produce these specialized shoes much faster and even a little more wonderfully.

There are a variety of individuals who still take advantage of Robert's shoe transformation. Thousands of people every year are in need of prosthetic shoes and are now finally able to do their own type of shoe shopping. These distinct shoes assist in their ability to walk and sometimes, allow them to stroll when they would have no other form of self mobility.

Very few able bodied people believe about the troubles those with foot disfigurements have in purchasing shoes. Thanks to one male's distinct skill and compassion, he was able to supply the present of movement for hundred of thousands of people world broad.


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